rAmCharts - amStockMultiSet

  • data: a list, list of data.frame (same structure) first column is date, others are values.
  • panelColumn: a numeric, control panel adding for selected series.
  • ZoomButton: a data.frame, 3 columns : Unit, times unit. multiple : multiple*unit. label : button’s label
  • color: a character, color of series (in hexadecimal).
  • precision: a numeric, digits precision.
  • export: a logical, default set to FALSE. TRUE to display export feature.
  • percentHeightPanel: a numeric, vector of size panel, same length than data.
  • creditsPosition: a character, credits position. Possible values are : “top-right”, “top-left”, “bottom-right”, “bottom-left”.
  • : other first level attributes

Reference example

  amStockMultiSet(data = data_stock_3)

Multi pannels

    amStockMultiSet(data = data_stock_3, panelColumn = c(1,2,1,1))

ZoomButton, export and pannel height

  ZoomButton <- data.frame(Unit = c('DD', 'DD', 'MAX'), multiple = c(10, 15 ,1),
                          label = c('10 days','15 days', 'MAX'))
  amStockMultiSet(data = data_stock_3, panelColumn = c(1,2,1,1), percentHeightPanel = c(3,1),
                  ZoomButtonPosition = 'left', ZoomButton = ZoomButton, export = TRUE, precision = 0)